About US

EnVyss Vision

We envision a world where empowered farmers, thriving animals, and a healthy
environment are guided by a ‘Precision in Animal Wellness.’ Join us in shaping this
future with innovative solutions.


EnVyss Mission

At EnVyss, our mission is clear: empower farmers, foster healthy plants and
animals, and preserve the environment through innovative nutrition and science.
Guided by our ‘Precision in Animal Wellness,’ we utilize cutting-edge methods, including analytics and productivity solutions. From virtual education to AI-driven engagement, we redefine environmental, animal, and plant care.

EnVyss Value Proposition

EnVyss and Venkys combine precision in nurturing billions of chickens with
innovative industry leadership, offering tailored, farmer-centric solutions that set
a new benchmark in animal health and nutrition, differentiating ourselves from
big pharma.

EnVyss Core Values


Embrace continuous innovation in nutrition, science, and technology to redefine animal wellness.
Foster a culture that encourages creative thinking and the exploration of cutting-edge methods.

Empower farmers with knowledge, tools, and solutions to enhance their ability to feed the world sustainably.
Enable individuals to take control of animal wellness through accessible and informative resources.

Uphold a commitment to precision in animal wellness, ensuring tailored care for everyone’s unique needs.
Embrace data analytics and advanced solutions to refine and optimize our approach to animal health.

Foster collaboration internally and externally to leverage diverse perspectives and expertise.
Actively seek partnerships that enhance our ability to make a positive impact on animal wellness and the environment.

Customer-Centric Approach:
Prioritize customer needs and satisfaction, delivering value through virtual education, AI-driven engagement, and innovative solutions.
Actively seek and respond to customer feedback to continuously improve our offerings.