EnVyss, LLC, brings traditional specialty chemicals to market in a fully transparent, internet based shopping experience.
EnVyss, LLC, is strategically engaged in many areas including public health, animal health, cleaning, hygiene, and mold & allergen remediation. Today, EnVyss looks to continually partner with innovative businesses to bring new and unique value to each market served.

CleanItClean.com is our specialty chemical website for a wide range of institutional and commercial products.

We bring not only our own time proven formulations to our customers, but also offer products from select manufacturers who share our philosophy of quality ingredients and formulations. We believe well-formulated products, combined with low prices and quick shipping, bring value to our customers.

DeepReach is a technology driven company developing commercially viable approaches for decontamination and infection control of buildings, surfaces, food, air and water through the use of Chlorine Dioxide. Effective against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, mildew, and other microbes, DeepReach Oxidation has the widest applications approved by the EPA for gas phase Chlorine Dioxide. DeepReach is your assurance of by-the-book compliance, safety and effectiveness.

SwimSafe, a division of EnVyss, specializes in serving the metro Atlanta’s apartment swimming pool chemical needs. We can help  you establish an annual budget. Just tell us the opening date, closing date, and size of your pool. We provide pool tips, pool manuals, county specific signs to meet legal requirements, and assistance with pool maintenance and associated problems. You can use our Price Sheets and compare our prices to your current vendors. Our  expert, Larry Hayes, has been helping our clients save on their pool budget and solve issues for over 30 years! Call Larry at 770-723-7045.

BioSentry, Inc. built a leading presence in over 50 countries world wide offering biosecurity programs in animal health. Certain assets were sold to DuPont so that further development, distribution, and technology could be brought to the market. Subsequently, Neogen Corporation acquired rights to the line. BioSentry, Inc. owns the BioSentry® mark and granted exclusive license of the mark to Neogen, except for the territories of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Myanmar. For sales in these areas contact Venkys.com. The market can look forward to BioSentry, Inc. bringing new ideas to the industry very soon!

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